Best Small Business IT Security Solutions: Strong and Budget-Friendly

Jun 24, 2020Network Support

Cybercriminals have taken a turn attacking small businesses across the globe. It’s essential to adopt the best small business IT security solutions for your business to safeguard your clients and company information.

Cybercrimes affect businesses at a high rate after the cybercriminals used gathered information about your company to their advantage. Most of these crimes happen when the employees don’t know how to protect the company information.
However, there are several ways of protecting your business by adopting different IT security solutions on various platforms. Working with Diligent Notions IT takes the guesswork out of network security. We will have security services tailored as per your expectations and requirements.

ESET Antivirus

ESET provides reliable security bundles that play an essential role in protecting your business computers, USB drives, mobile devices, servers, and different networks. Indeed your business is now fully protected from various cyber crimes.
ESET provides solutions that help you build a reliable security tool for your company. You will no longer have to worry about people hacking your company or accessing your data due to weak passwords or firewalls. You are in control of the type of security needed for your business.
According to research, most of the cybercrimes are due to weak passwords which are easy to crack. For this reason, use strong passwords and change them twice or thrice a year. The most robust password is the one that involves letters, symbols, and numbers. And this platform gets the job done for you.


Comodo platform is a cost-effective cyber-security solution that protects your business from all cyber-attacks. You will have a secure firewall, passwords, and reliable software that allows you to be vigilant and ware in case of any cybercrime attempt.
This platform meets all your needs to protect the business. It features a service desk, patch management, remote monitoring, and management. You are guaranteed all these services in one platform.
Your business will also enjoy free antivirus, internet security, mobile device management, and firewall protection. You are also guaranteed security for POS, mobile device protection, and paid SSL. Comodo also allows you to buy all these features in an app designed to meet all your needs.

Lookout Mobile Security

This platform works by protecting you from any mobile threats, data leakages, and any other risks associated with cybercrimes. Lookout Mobile allows you to protect your business by anticipating, predicting, and shielding your business from all cybercrimes.
You will also have advanced tools to help you manage different risks and investigate various crimes. In most states, small businesses must have a reliable platform that protects them from all cybercrimes. For this reason, you will be complying to set rules.
This platform offers full visibility over all your business devices; you will have vet software and app vendors that help you meet all the security regulations and set company policies.


At times it can be hard to predict when cybercriminals will hit your business. For this reason, you should back all your data on the cloud. Cloudflare is a reliable IT security solution that automatically detects any form of attack on your business and then blocks them from getting through to your firewall.
All your company website visitors will be evaluated and their reputation based. This process allows you to remain vigilant and aware of any attempted bridge on your business. This evaluation involves checking the IP address.
Besides the external firewall, you will also have an internal firewall, which helps increase your business’s protection. This solution protects your business and home network to ensure total compliance.
In case of any threat, these solutions block the criminal’s number or share the IP address on your firewall to take necessary action. With these it security solution you will have SSL security certificates for your data encryption.

Open VPN

VPN allows you to have an extra layer of privacy when you browse on the internet. You are guaranteed the best services that help you secure the internal networks in your business. Chose a reliable, secured VPN that helps protect your business in many ways.
In most cases, hackers take advantage of open VPN when your employees are using it to access the internet. For this reason, you need a free VPN platform that allows you and your employees to access the company network without worry. Take your time creating awareness to your customers on how they can use the internet without any concern.
One of the best ways to protect your business from cybercrimes is by creating a secure firewall. It acts as a barrier to your data primarily if you usually operate online. Hire a reliable and trustworthy expert to create a secure firewall for your business.
Open VPN safeguards your business computers and network from being compromised by hackers. These firewalls need to be updated; therefore, take your time training your staff to update the company firewall or hire an expert.

Bottom Line

Protecting your business from any cybercrime is essential, so you need different IT security solutions to help make your dreams a reality. In most cases, when hackers have their way of accessing your business data, they might use it against you. For this reason, it would help if you chose the best reliable IT cyber security solution.
They are cost-effective, reliable, and will help you avoid losing a lot of money or company reputation and trust amongst your customers. Your employees will also have the freedom to use the internet without any worries.