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Network Support and Security Services

Threat Protection

Detection of threats, breaches and attacks.  Develop responses to the breaches

Network Security

Preventing unauthorized use and monitoring for threats and attacks to the network

DDos Attacks

Cyber attacks to block the intended users from accessing the network

Wondering if you should dedicate more resources to protect your business network from the ever-emerging threats and potential security breaches? Wondering if your company is the next target of the constant hackers, malware and dangerous bots?

At least once a month, we hear about security and data breaches in the media. Business-owners know that customers have a long memory when it comes to data losses and theft. It also creates an additional expense as many businesses cover the cost of identity protection for their customers after breaches and losses.

In order to protect your business from security threats, you’ll need to consider some important components of network security.

Network Monitoring and Security

As network security experts, the right remote monitoring software installed to watch your network 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, is a key component of the security system. Every business needs a system with real-time security alerts, periodic reporting and tight control to access authorizations. Proper initial design is key to the success of your security system and having a team of security experts that are trained and current on every cyber threat is critical for the support of that system.

Diligent Notions IT is the team of network security experts that you need.

Upgraded Hardware Infrastructure

Digital technologies are changing faster than ever. The requests to the system, the demands on bandwidth, and the number of users on many IT networks is growing year over year.
As network experts, we can help your business anticipate its hardware needs including computers, servers, printers. Our network management expertise will help your business remain agile, competitive and responsive.

Cloud Security

Are you considering migrating to cloud servers from traditional servers? Are you looking to migrate to cloud servers and minimize capital expenditures in the process?
Shared cloud server hosting offers flexibility, room for growth and a reduction in costs. Migrating to cloud networks moves the data from your physical location and offers other benefits.
Cloud networks also carry unique security risks and must be managed by cloud security experts like Diligent Notions IT.

Premise-based Security

If you still rely on servers, data centers and data storage on your premise then the security of that facility is paramount. Your network is vulnerable to many physical threats and Diligent Notions IT has the expertise and experience to make sure that all security needs are taken care of.

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