When Your Office Network Needs an Upgrade

Jun 24, 2020Network Design

Are you starting to feel as if you are outgrowing your IT network?

As your business expands, it is but natural to see steady growth in its demands for communication channels. You require more people and hardware to communicate internally as well as with your clients. Because of this, your IT upgrades should always be focused on the future. When investing in hardware, you should be sure that it will sustain your future requirements as long as possible. Find below some of the important factors you need to consider when upgrading your office network.

Number of Users and Equipment

Are you sure whether you can meet the requirements of your expanding business with the number of users and equipment you have? As businesses evolve and grow, they may outgrow their existing network and require to upgrade their network. Looking carefully at the existing network and the new network requirements help ensure a smooth transition. You can use these figures to determine what new equipment you need to make sure that the new network supports the existing as well as the future requirements of your organization. You will also need to calculate the number of people you need to hire to handle the new equipment. If your budget does not permit, lease IT equipment instead of purchasing them outright. You can buy them later on after your business increases.

Anticipated Growth Rate

The growing period is unarguably an exciting time for the majority of businesses and is a sign of a robust business. In such a scenario, the addition of technology, facilities, and co-workers ensures that your business is in a better position to take advantage of future business opportunities. The growth of your company is a vital metric for the future allocation of your resources. On the one hand, you may find yourself stretched too thinly if your business grows faster than you had planned for. On the other hand, if its growth rate is too slow, your business may not be able to survive. Preparing a growth chart for your company will help you predict the increase in the volume of business over the next couple of months.

Security and Privacy Requirements

The internet is full of fraudsters and hackers. A single vulnerability is all an attacker needs to gain access to your personal and company data. It would be best if you implemented data security for the confidentiality and safety of your client’s data. Apart from this, your company should also be able to protect the vital information of your employees. It is a difficult task as fraudsters are coming up with new ways to evade the safety walls and security of your company. The best way to thwart them is to set up a robust firewall to provide a barrier between hackers and your data. You should also educate your staff about changing passwords regularly. Updating operating systems as soon as patches are available plugs security loopholes in the same. The most important aspect is to back up your data frequently. It helps to restore your data in the aftermath of a cyber attack. Having an antivirus program alone is not enough. You also need to install anti-malware programs to prevent your computers against attacks by Trojans, spyware, keyloggers, spyware, and phishing emails.

Use Existing Network Resources

Expanding businesses are always under pressure to do more with existing resources. Check and confirm if the existing PCs in your office can handle the additional workload. If you plan to add only a couple of computers on your network, you might be able to do so with your existing network resources. While latency and bandwidth are high priorities, business owners also need to optimize network resiliency, optimize cost, as well as other QoS metrics across various network equipment and technologies. Optimizing your existing network is particularly important for the most important bandwidth, which includes the WAN. If you’re having trouble call in Diligent Notions IT  network professionals to determine whether your existing network resources can accommodate the number of computers you want to add to it.


Budget Considerations

Budget is one of the major constraints that owners of expanding businesses face. Before you start purchasing new computers, printers, or hiring new office space, you need to be sure that your business has the financial resources required for the expansion. You will also need to look at the current position of your business financials. As you plan your budget expansion, ask yourself these vital budgeting questions:
• Does my business struggle with inconsistent cash flow?
• What is the position of my current cash flow?
• Does my business have any outstanding debts?
• Is my business profitable?

Check the budget of your existing business and check if there are ways to cut down on expenses so that you can free up more cash required for expansion. You can ponder the actual costs and income of your anticipated business growth once you know how much you can realistically expend to spend per month based on your current finances.